Saturday, February 11, 2012

...a great race?

Last weekend I signed up for my first 10k, The Dole Great Race of Agoura Hills. I have to admit I am a little nervous. This will definitely be a challenge, because running has never been an area of strength for me. As a child, I could barely run a 50 yard dash, let alone a 10k. I hated running, I hated being sweaty, I hated exercise. So when a friend asked if I wanted to do this race with her, it took some convincing. Actually, it took more than convincing. It took a sparkle tutu and an invitation to run with "Team Sparkle", to get me to agree. Now, I am really excited and might even go out and buy my own sparkle tutu.

Hmm... Maybe I can find a gold or yellow one, and then I could spray my hair green and dress up as a pineapple. After all pineapple is my favorite fruit...

Wouldn't that be something to curl up with? I think so.

Oh and by the way, I run because of boys like him. If he can do it, I can do it,  and so can you! :)

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