Monday, January 2, 2012

...1500.2 miles?

In 2011, I rode 1500.2 miles. I put more miles on my bicycle, than my motorcycle. To me that's just crazy. But honestly, I loved every inch of every mile. There were days that, I didn't want to get on the bike. It would have been so easy to just sit on my ass in front of the computer or lay in bed and read, but instead, I saddled up and felt so much better afterward.

With it now being two days into 2012, I feel like I should set a cycling goal. I want it to be attainable, yet challenging. So here it is...4000 miles. That's right 4000 miles. If I ride every day, then I only need to ride 11 miles a day. However, I generally don't ride on the weekends. So that puts my rides at about 15 miles a day Monday thru Friday. And that, I can totally do.

4000 miles in 2012 that's something to curl up with.

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